BH Forum

The Scottish Borders Heritage Forum Needs You!

If you work within the Scottish Borders heritage sector or are interested in local heritage we encourage you to join the forum and get involved!

What is the Forum?

The Scottish Borders Heritage Forum is a voluntary body that links a wide range of regional agencies, charities, societies, groups, government organisations and sites within the heritage sector. Constituted in 2016, the forum aims to enhance regional heritage tourism and collaborate on projects that deepen our understanding and enjoyment of our cultural heritage.

The forum is open to all organisations and individuals who have an interest in heritage and are looking for the opportunity to discuss ideas, find synergies and develop projects to better understand, value and promote heritage for cultural and economic benefit.

We aim to:

* Bring historic sites, agencies, societies and organisations together to promote our diverse local heritage through education and tourism

* Share expertise and knowledge

* Develop joint projects that further our appreciation of local heritage

* Improve the local economy by making the Scottish Borders a destination for heritage tourism

* Provide information, opportunities and news from across the region

* Provide training for small groups and organisations to grow capacity in the sector

* Host biannual members meetings and annual conference

* Host an annual festival

Sign in here or request access by emailing: